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20W DC-DCs with 2 x MOPP at 250Vac

April 02, 2019 by Scott McMahan

XP Power launched a new range of 20W dc-dc power modules with international agency approvals for medical/healthcare applications.

The series is suitable for all medical applications and particularly intended for use where the dc-dc converter provides a reinforced (2 x MOPP) safety isolation barrier, including patient contact and patient vicinity applications.

Modules in the JHM20 series are certified by both UL and TUV and carry all international approvals including IEC60601-1, EN60601-1 and ANSI/AMMI ES60601-1 for medical safety. This certification, along with the CB report including risk management, allow their use for critical safety barriers, while reducing the time and cost associated with the end equipment approval.

Suitable for direct patient contact, the modules have a maximum of 2.5A of patient leakage current and offer 2 x Measures of Patient Protection (MOPP) at a 250Vac working voltage, ensuring patient and operator safety.

The JHM20 series comprises a total of 18 modules, offering 20W in a 2in x 1in PCB-mount footprint. The company says that the 2:1 input range offers flexibility with nominal input voltages of 12Vdc, 24Vdc, and 48Vdc. Isolated, fully-floating, single and dual output versions are available at 5vdc, 12Vdc, and 15Vdc, allowing the provision of single rails of 24Vdc and 30Vdc. XP Power says single outputs are simple to trim by 10% via a single external resistor.

The modules are said to offer excellent levels of efficiency and operate from -40°C to +80°C, providing full power at temperatures up to +60°C allowing use in challenging applications. A wide range of protection mechanisms such as short circuit and overload are included to protect both the power module and the system load. The case is constructed with a self-extinguishing UL94V-0 material.

JHM20 modules are certified to meet the EN55011 Level A standard for EMC emissions without needing any external components. The modules are also certified to IEC60601-1-2 Ed. 4 for EMC immunity. These pre-certifications ease the task of submitting for system-level approvals.


  • Regulated single & dual outputs from 5Vdc to 30Vdc
  • Single outputs trimmable ±10%
  • 2:1 Input range
  • 2in x 1in footprint PCB mount
  • International medical approvals
  • 4kVac reinforced isolation
  • 2 x MOPP @ 250Vac working voltage
  • 2.5µA Patient leakage current
  • Medical approval, IEC60601-1, 3rd Edition including risk management
  • EN55011 Class A with no external components
  • -40°C to +80°C operating temperature
  • Full power to +60°C
  • 3-Year Warranty

The JHM20 series is priced at $42.17 for 500 pcs orders and is available from Allied Electronics, Digi-Key, Newark or direct from XP Power and comes with a 3-year warranty.