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15- to 50-Vdc Input, 6-Watt, High-Reliability DC-DC Converters

March 23, 2020 by Paul Shepard

The 6W Interpoint® MSA+ Series of dc-dc converters occupies only 1.13 in2 (7.31 cm2) with an input range of 15- to 50-Vdc and a choice of 8 different outputs. Available in non-flanged or as an offset flange package for greater board density. The converters are offered with /883 (Class H), ES or standard screening.

The converters are switching regulators that use a flyback converter design with a constant switching frequency of 400kHz typical. They are regulated, isolated units using a pulse width modulated topology and are built as high reliability thick-film hybrids. Isolation between input and output circuits is provided with a transformer in the forward power path and in the feedback control loop.

Excellent input line transient response and audio rejection is achieved by an advanced feed-forward compensation technique.

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For dual outputs, negative output regulation is maintained by tightly coupled magnetics. Up to 4.8W, 80% of the total output power, is available from either output, provided that the opposite output is simultaneously carrying 20% of the total power in order to maintain the specified regulation on the negative output.

A predictable current limit is accomplished by direct monitoring of the output load current, which results in a constant current output. Internal input and output filters eliminate the need for external capacitors for stable operation.

Summary of Features:

  • Small size of 1.13 in2 (7.3 cm2). Offset flange option provides greater board density
  • 15 to 50 input voltage range
  • Transient protection 80 volts for 1 second
  • Operating temperature -55° to +125°C
  • Magnetically isolated
  • Fixed high frequency switching
  • Inhibit function
  • Indefinite short circuit protection
  • Typical 76% efficiency
  • Case size: 1.065 × 1.065 × 0.35 inches (27.05 × 27.05 × 8.89 mm)