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130A, 60Vdc Thermal Fuse Available with Shunt

April 05, 2019 by Scott McMahan

Schurter's Reflowable Thermal Switch (RTS) thermal fuse was launched in 2018. Now it has a new variant with an integrated shunt. The RTS is an especially compact over-temperature protection device for power semiconductors in SMD technology.

Applications for the company's RTS thermal fuses include wherever power transistors are used. In automobiles, the RTS fuses can be used in cooling fan applications, ABS power steering, and PTC heaters, HVAC, glow plugs, and diesel fuel heaters. For industrial applications, they can be used for motor drives, battery protection, power supplies, lighting ballasts, and h-bridge circuits.

The company developed the RTS to protect highly integrated power semiconductors from overheating. Before mechanical activation, the new thermal fuse can be soldered on conventional reflow soldering machines with profiles up to 260°C.

Minimal footprint

The new over-temperature protection device has the same dimensions and features the same maximum breaking capacity despite its additional shunt functionality. Its small 6.6mm x 8.8mm footprint can handle operating currents of up to 130A and rated voltages of up to 60Vdc.

Integrated current measuring sensor (shunt)

The shunt variant uses an integrated resistance with particularly low-temperature dependence. This resistance, known as a shunt, enables precise current measurement and allows an additional - non-thermal - circuit protection, such as via a controller.

Protection against thermal runaway

Increasing the power density and miniaturization of electronic circuits can result in a greater tendency for thermal runaway.

For such devices and components, RTS can protect against thermal runaway. If thermal runaway occurs, the thermal fuse reliably interrupts the circuit as a fail-safe device. This circuit interruption happens at a precisely defined temperature.

Description of RTS

Patented surface mount thermal fuse to protect against thermal runaway of power semiconductors including MOSFETs, ICs, IGBTs, Triacs, and SCRs.


  • Highest reliability thanks to complete galvanic Separation.
  • Unique Selling Proposition
  • Separates rated voltages up to 60Vdc
  • Reflow compatible through a mechanical activation procedure
  • Galvanic separation happens inside the RTS housing
  • Space-saving thanks to integrated shunt

Other versions on request

  • Thermal protection with integrated fuse
  • Thermal protection with customer-specific resistance
  • Thermal protection with customer-specific tripping temperature