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12W AC-DC Power Supply Reference Design Meets All ErP Regulations

March 25, 2020 by Paul Shepard

A reference design kit (RDK-839) containing a 12W ac-dc power supply for appliances, meters or other industrial applications is now available from Power Integrations. In addition to a functioning supply, it includes a bare board and additional devices that will easily allow a similar supply to be built.

Utilizing PI's energy-efficient TinySwitch-4 family of offline switcher ICs, the design features less than 30mW no-load consumption and 300mW available output in stand-by (500mW input). It meets all existing and proposed energy efficiency standards including European EcoDesign Directive ErPs.

The RDK-839 reference design kit has an input voltage range of 85- to 265-Vac. The highly integrated design uses a simple EE16 transformer. Flexible board design allows the use of either the compact SO-8C package or the cost-effective DIP-8C package without modifying the board.

Summary of Features

  • EcoSmart™ - meets all existing and proposed energy efficiency standards including ErP.
    • No-load consumption <30mW; more than 300mW available in stand-by with 500mW input
    • 84% average active-mode efficiency - DOE6 and EC CoC (v5)
  • The board can fit P/G or the cost-effective D package
  • BP/M capacitor value selects power MOSFET current limit for greater design flexibility
  • Accurate detection output overvoltage protection (OVP) using primary bias winding sensed shutdown feature
  • Accurate tolerance of I2f parameter (-10%, +12%) reduces system cost
    • Increases MOSFET and magnetics power delivery
    • Reduces overload power, which lowers output diode and capacitor costs
  • Integrated TinySwitch-4 safety / reliability features
    • Accurate (±5%), auto-recovering, hysteretic thermal shutdown function maintains safe PCB temperatures under all conditions
  • Auto-restart protects against output short-circuit and open loop fault conditions
  • P and G package with >3.2 mm creepage on package enables reliable operation in high humidity and high pollution environments
  • Meets EN550022 and CISPR-22 Class B conducted EMI with >12 dBµV margin
  • Meets IEC61000-4-5 Class 3 AC line surge