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10W GaN-on-SiC MMIC K/Ka-Band High Power Amplifier

May 20, 2019 by Scott McMahan

Arralis announced the launch of its new Leonis series GaN-SiC High Power Amplifier (HPA) optimized for satellite downlink communication. The HPA operates in K-band from 17.5GHz to 20GHz and provides saturated power above 10W with typical power added efficiency of 25%. It delivers a large signal gain of 20dB in a die size of 3.6mm × 2.9mm. The component is matched to 50Ω.

Applications include 5G communications, IoT and M2M communications, low earth orbit mega constellation communications, airborne high-speed Wi-Fi, satellite to automotive communications, drone constellations, SAT-Drone-Ground data networks, connected vehicles, point-to-point radio, as well as last mile and remote internet solutions.

It incorporates an output power detector to assist with system integration and has integrated dc blocking capacitors on RF ports. Nominal drain bias is 25V.

The HPA is fabricated on ITAR free, space-qualified UMS 0.25μm GH25-10 GaN-SiC process.

UK company, Arralis points out that GaN devices have higher efficiencies, power-density, and thermal conductivity compared to equivalent GaAs components, and can operate at higher temperatures without losing reliability.

Functional block diagram (Click on image to enlarge)

Arralis says its MMIC team achieved optimal performance at the K-band through a combination of UMS device models, NI AWR EDA software.

"The addition of this latest HPA to Arralis' suite of devices builds on our high-performance K/Ka-band Leonis chipset, forming the final link in the RF power chain and delivering 10W of saturated output power in a compact GaN MMIC" said Thomas Young, Senior MMIC Design Engineer, Arralis. "The new GaN HPA exemplifies the design and application expertise that Arralis provides across a range of mm-wave bands. The data-hungry society of today demands constant, uninterrupted access to information, and this demand will increase in the future. Global connectivity takes a step closer to realisation through the development of this enabling technology for K/Ka Band Satellite Comms".

The Leonis chipset was is intended to meet the growing demand for low-cost K/Ka-band satellite equipment that allows a simple interface with current digital internet hardware.


  • Frequency Range: 17.5GHz to 20GHz
  • Power: 10W Saturated
  • Small signal Gain: 25dB
  • Large Signal Gain: 20dB
  • Integrated Power Detector
  • PAE: 25% at Pin=20dBm
  • Bias: Vd=25V, Idq=300mA, Vg= -3.3V
  • Chip Dimensions: 3.6mm x 2.9mm x 0.1mm

The component is available as a bare die MMIC or in a preassembled evaluation board.