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1.0µH Thin-Film Inductor with 12% Lower DC Resistance

May 30, 2019 by Scott McMahan

TDK Corporation announced the development of a miniaturized thin-film power inductor in an IEC 2012 case that can work with higher currents than conventional products. The low-profile TFM201208ALD power inductor measures in at 2.0mm x 1.25mm x 0.8mm, and it is available with a rated inductance of 1.0µH.

Primary applications for the power inductor include power conversion circuits of compact mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, portable game devices, compact power modules, and others.

Due to its reduced dc resistance of 79mΩ, which is 12% lower than that of traditional products, the power inductor achieves low losses. Combined with enhanced dc superposition characteristics, the new power inductor features a rated current of 2.5A, which is 4% higher than conventional products. As a result, the new power inductor can help improve the power conversion efficiency of power circuits at high loads, especially those of compact mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.

This increased conversion efficiency, in turn, helps to maximize battery life, while maintaining the high functionality of the devices.

It uses magnetic metal material with high saturation magnetic flux density to achieve the excellent dc bias characteristics needed for inductors.

With the same shape and terminal structure as general chip components, TFM201208ALD has superior mounting stability and can also be mounted to general-purpose land patterns.

Using a closed magnetic circuit structure minimizes the inductor's leakage flux.

TDK began mass production of the new TFM201208ALD thin-film power inductor in May 2019.

Features and Benefits

  • DC resistance 12% lower than that of conventional products
  • Rated current of 2.5A is 4% higher than that of conventional products