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EE Power Connections—Industry Jobs for May 2023

May 08, 2023 by Dale Wilson

Join our light-hearted look at the serious topic of job hunting as EE Power tries to connect the great engineers in our audience with the amazing companies in our industry. If you apply for jobs with any of these companies, please tell them EE Power sent you!

Join our light-hearted look at the serious topic of job hunting as EE Power tries to connect the great engineers in our audience with the amazing companies in our industry. If you apply for jobs with any of these companies, please tell them EE Power sent you! 


Junior Design Engineer (Power Design)

At the sight of soldering irons and oscilloscopes, you will not gape in astonishment but gladly take the devices into your own hands to build and test! (Nice work PULS! It was good to see a company have some fun in their job advertisement!)


Munich and Bad Lobenstein, Germany

They are looking for a creative hardware tinkerer who wants to work on switched-mode power supplies up to 2kW from prototype to series maturity. “Done and then forgotten? Not with us, because what you have developed and programmed remains in your hands - throughout the entire product life cycle. After all, nobody knows ‘your’ power supply as well as you, the inventor himself.” Recent or near-term graduates in electrical engineering who studied analog and digital circuit technology, circuit simulation, and power semiconductors are desired. 


Power System Studies Engineer

The lights at night are big and bright (clap, clap, clap, clap), thanks to the folks of MEPPI. 

Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc.

Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Perform distributed energy resource impact, interconnection, distribution planning, load interconnection, and motor start studies utilizing CYME, Synergi Electric, or similar software.

Perform studies on renewable resources, distributed energy resources, battery energy storage, relay and protection, performance monitoring, and grid modernization applications. Requires a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering with a minimum of 3-5 years of experience in areas that include distributed energy resource (DER) interconnection studies, distribution planning, motor starting analysis, and protective device coordination and arc flash studies for distribution systems.


Entry-Level Electrical SCADA/Studies Engineer

You can stop by the EETech Boise headquarters to thank us personally for hooking you up with this job! Bring treats. Preferably something chocolate.

Power Engineers

Boise, Idaho, USA

Looking for a recent BSEE graduate or current student pursuing a BSEE with coursework in power systems covering three-phase power, load flow and reactive compensation, protective relaying, symmetrical components, transmission line theory, power system transients, dynamic stability, and power system electromagnetics. You will be responsible for performing electrical studies and/or developing and troubleshooting supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems for utility and industrial/commercial clients. Applicable power systems primarily include conventional and renewable generation facilities, substations, transmission systems, and distribution systems.


mixed-signal switched mode power supply ic designer

What is it with companies that insist on ALL CAPS for their names or, in this case, no caps? In honor of onsemi, the rest of this job announcement is brought to you without capitalization. 


Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

looking for a strong senior mixed-signal (analog/digital) design engineer to develop switched mode power supply (smps) ics. responsible for planning, block, and top-level design of new and derivative mixed-signal ic products, participation in architecture definition, implementation, and verification of product performance through simulation and bench evaluation, and continuous improvement in product development cycle times and first pass success rate. Msee desired; bsee and three years of experience required.


Designer Power Distribution Unit (PDU) Systems

You can work by day for one of the "Most Innovative Companies in Germany" and spend your evenings at the nearby Museum Würth 2 enjoying part of a private collection of over 18,000 exhibits. 

Würth Elektronik ICS

Waldzimmern, Germany

Design of electromechanical PCB-based PDU systems for utility and construction vehicles. You will be responsible for high-current layout routing and developing new design solutions in collaboration with the project engineering, mechanical, and production departments. Candidates should have completed studies in electrical engineering, mechatronics, or comparable technical training. Knowledge of current distribution and thermal management techniques and experience with Altium Designer or Pulsonix is desired.


EMC/EMI Architect

Am I the only one who keeps forgetting the difference between EMI and EMC? And, since electromagnetic is only one word, shouldn’t they be abbreviated EI and EC? 


San Jose, California, USA

As an EMC/EMI Architect, your primary responsibility will be to define and oversee the implementation of EMC/EMI standards for both new and existing high-end e-beam wafer inspection machines by ensuring that they meet the highest standards of electromagnetic compatibility. You will also drive the development of EMC/EMI competence within the company. Requires a Master’s or PhD. degree in electronics or related field and at least 3-7 years relevant experience in electronics design and testing with a focus on EMC/EMI. A broad technical background in mains, safety, diagnosis, regulations, and grounding concepts, is desired. 

Strong knowledge of key electrical safety standards like NFPA79, NEC, IEC60204-1, SEMI S2 and EMC/EMI standards like IEC 61000-6. Experience working with inspectors and test laboratories to evaluate and qualify designs is a plus.


Commissioning Engineer for Medium Voltage Wind Converters

No joking here. This looks like an amazing job for a motivated engineer who enjoys traveling around Europe, working on renewable energy systems, meeting lots of new people, and solving technically challenging problems.  


Turgi, Aargau, Switzerland

Interface with customers on the exciting task of performing worldwide commissioning and troubleshooting of medium voltage wind and renewable converters. Perform prototype-, pilot- and serial commissioning and troubleshooting for medium voltage wind converters, mainly in Europe (both on and offshore). Master's or bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering or related fields focused on power electronics and/or drive control is a plus.


Nikola Tesla sits in a room as sparks fly all around

Nikola Tesla and his Tesla Coil. Imaged used courtesy of Wonder How To


Sr. Facilities Electrical Design Engineer

Unfortunately, the naming of the town of Sparks has nothing to do with electricity. But it is pretty fun for geeks like me that a company named after Nikola Tesla has a major facility in Sparks.


Sparks, Nevada, USA

Looking for an electrical engineer experienced in the design of complex manufacturing facilities to design and build manufacturing facilities at the Tesla Gigafactory. Candidates must understand fault currents, be able to complete voltage drop calculations, know the difference between SCCR and KAIC, use their electrical design experience to size breakers and feeders, and be well-versed in the National Electrical Code. Requires a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering or the equivalent in experience and evidence of exceptional ability. 


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