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Industry Insights: From Solar Innovation to MOSFETs and Mars

December 27, 2023 by EEPower Editorial

Industry experts provide technical information on everything from electrical conduits and solar innovation to Mars exploration and MOSFETs.

Our industry articles culminate with expert voices providing technical information to help engineers solve problems. From electrical conduits and solar innovation to Mars exploration and MOSFETs, EEPower’s top 10 most-viewed industry articles for 2023 cover a broad spectrum. Here’s a sampling of the year’s best industry articles you may have missed. 


Top 10 Industry Articles

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10. 7 Types of Electrical Conduits and What You Need To Know

9. Achieving a Smarter, Safer Grid With Bidirectional Switching Circuits

8. Powering the Red Planet: Solar Energy Innovations for Mars Exploration 

7. Maximizing the Power Density of OBCs With GaN HEMT Devices

6. Making Microgrids Standard Practice Requires Industry Standard

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5. Addressing the Data Center Power Challenge

4. MOSFET Innovations for Increasing the Power Density of Auto Electronics

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3. Building a More Efficient DC-DC Converter: Efficiency Evaluation and Loss Analysis of a 300 W Isolated DC-DC Converter

2. Using Battery Digital Twins to Elevate EV Performance and Life

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1. How To Build a Battery Model Using Fuel Gauging—Part I

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