Delta Wye Calculator

The Delta Wye transformation, also known as the Y-Δ or “delta-star” transformation because of its shapes of the circuits,   is a procedure used to simplify complex resistor networks.  This calculation transforms a wye configuration to a delta configuration or a delta configuration to a wye configuration, with the objective of facilitating circuit analysis. 

Resistor (RA)
Resistor (RB)
Resistor (RC)
Resistor (R1)
Resistor (R2)
Resistor (R3)


Δ → Y transformation

Equations for transforming a Δ network into a Y network:

Transforming from Δ to Y introduces one additional node.

Y → Δ transformation

Equations for transforming a Y network into a Δ network:

Transforming from Y to Δ removes one node.



Delta and Wye configurations are used in three-phase power systems, and the Delta configuration appears in the bridge rectifier circuit that performs the first step in converting AC voltage to a stable DC voltage. 


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