IPM Solution for Embedded Drive Applications

IPM Solution for Embedded Drive Applications

Vincotech announced the release of a new intelligent-power module (IPM) for low-power operation in embedded drive applications. This three-phase input power module comes in a flow 1B housing with press-fit pins for easy assembly. 

Vincotech’s flowIPM product family is the best solution for mechanical environments where space is tight, for instance, in embed-ded motor drives for fans, pumps, washing machines and small industrial motor drives with up to 2 kW output power. 

This intelligent power module (20-1B12I-PA008SC-L239C09) is a 1200 V / 8 A IPM that integrates an inverter, a rectifier, shunt resistors and the entire gate driver circuit for three-phase input operation in such a way that very few additional external components are needed. Even the bootstrap diode and capacitor are included. A high level of integration is achieved by adopting the screen printing technology on a ceramic-based substrate. 

Sample modules may be sourced on de-mand from our usual channels. The product is being ramped up for mass production and will ship in September of 2015. 

More information: Vincotech