ZeTek Power Announces Expansion Program

March 12, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

ZeTek Power plc (UK) has announced an expansion program with major implications for automotive, marine and distributed power applications. The company is actively encouraging partners to sign up as ZeTek Approved Systems Integrators (ZASI) to develop specific commercial applications of its fuel cell technology.

ZeTek Power's alkaline fuel cell modules generate electricity by the catalytic conversion of hydrogen and oxygen, producing no polluting by-products. According to ZeTek Power, these modules can be connected together for use in virtually any application where electricity can be used as a form of power.

Each application of the fuel cells requires integrated operating systems containing pumps and valves, management systems, and power converters. ZASIs will develop and market commercial fuel cell applications, which integrate these systems with ZeTek technology. Each fully developed and integrated application will be called an electrochemical engine.

Nicholas Abson, ZeTek Power CEO, said, "With our ZASI program, we are inviting partners to join us in bringing to the world pure, clean air. We at ZeTek Power are convinced that our technology is the only low-temperature fuel cell system safe and reliable enough for widespread operations on the road, at sea or on-site, and we look forward to welcoming new partners in our move toward creating a more environmentally friendly environment."