Xcellsis GmbH Reports Successful Testing of Its Fuel Cell System

February 21, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Xcellsis GmbH, a subsidiary of DaimlerChrysler AG (Germany) and Shell Hydrogen (Amsterdam), recently announced they have successfully developed and tested a compact 50kW multi-fuel fuel cell system. The system is designed to turn gasoline into hydrogen for powering environmentally friendly fuel cells.

Xcellsis is the new name for dbb Fuel Cell Engines GmbH. The ownership of Xcellsis is 51.5 percent DaimlerChrysler, 26.7 percent Ballard and 21.8 percent Ford.

"We are very pleased with the speed of the results in this research project," said Ferdinand Panik, Xcellsis managing director and head of DaimlerChrysler's fuel cell project. "This is a good example for the versatility of fuel cell technology. Due to the expense of multi-fuel technology, we will continue to work on a methanol reformer as our first priority, as this is the most advanced technology today. But we will also monitor development of multi-fuel reformers."