Xantrex Power Supplies Used on International Space Station

March 15, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Xantrex Technology Inc. (Canada) announced that its programmable power supplies have been selected by NASA to test and repair electronic equipment on the International Space Station and visiting shuttle, orbiting 250 miles above the earth. The 1,000W programmable power supplies were launched on March 8, 2001, on the US Space Shuttle Discovery. Xantrex reports that the supplies, model XHR 150V, 7A, were selected for their high power density, as well as their quality and reliability.

“The selection of Xantrex by NASA for this application attests to the high performance, quality and reliability of our advanced power electronics," stated Mossadiq Umedaly, chairman and CEO of Xantrex. “It is a tribute to our engineers who design products that meet the exacting needs of customers such as NASA. Our test and measurement products operate in challenging environments ranging from outer space to deep-sea oil drilling to semiconductor manufacturing and medical equipment."