World EV Day Aims to Increase Global Electric Vehicle Adoption

September 05, 2020 by Shannon Cuthrell

ABB and Green.TV are teaming up on a campaign to encourage new or prospective electric vehicle drivers to commit to purchasing an EV as their next car. 

On September 9, World EV Day will serve as a gateway for consumers in the market to buy EVs to solidify their interest with an EV-purchasing pledge. 

The initiative is led by Swiss-Swedish automation giant ABB and sustainability media outlet Green.TV, which aim to amplify the presence of electric vehicles in consumer car purchasing decisions. 


World EV Day, via Twitter
World EV Day, via Twitter


Participants can sign the World EV Day pledge, entering their name, email address and the country they live in. They can also check the option to add their name to the public list of pledge-signers. The initiative is circulating on social media through the hashtag #myevpledge

In organizing World EV Day, ABB and Green.TV partnered with other companies and organizations in the EV space, including AA, Hyundai, Tata Motors, BYD and the Electrification Coalition. Green.EV is also hosting an online EV Summit this December, convening around 600 industry leaders to discuss ways to advance EV adoption, e-mobility and charging infrastructure

In the announcement, ABB stated that World EV Day will spur more adoption in Canada, which saw a 32% increase in EV sales after the government implemented an EV rebate program last year. The program provided $2,500 to $5,000 in incentives to Canadians who purchase EVs or plug-in hybrids.  

ABB’s stake in EV adoption stems from its emobility and EV charging business, which has sold more than 14,000 DC chargers in over 80 countries, according to the company. Earlier this month, ABB unveiled its next-gen Terra 184 EV chargers, capable of charging for 60 miles of range in just eight minutes. 

ABB E-mobility Infrastructure Solutions Director Frank Muehlon stated in a news release that the initiative is part of ABB’s zero-emissions goal. “World EV Day shines a spotlight on the need for greater electric vehicle uptake,” Muehlon added. “We hope this campaign will help to catalyze a global movement which will support a zero emission transport future.”


Status of Global EV Adoption in 2020

Last year, the EV industry saw a 40% year-on-year surge in sales, according to the International Energy Agency’s 2020 Global EV Outlook. More than 2.1 million electric vehicles were sold in 2019, accounting for 2.6% of global car sales and around 1% of global car stock.

On a geographic level, China and Europe lead the global EV market, with Norway and the Netherlands taking the top two market-leading spots in McKinsey & Company's Electric Vehicle Index. China has the third-largest EV market, as well as the highest EV industry ranking. The country’s EV market is three times that of Europe and the U.S. 

McKinsey & Company’s report found that successful global EV adoption hinges on the market addressing challenges such as gaps in profitability, collaboration between industry and government, and expanding the range of models available.