Wisebatt, Enabler of IoT Device Development at CES 2020

December 19, 2019 by Paul Shepard

From January 7th to 10th, Wisebatt - a simulation platform dedicated to Internet of Things (IoT) and consumer devices - will exhibit for the first time at CES Las Vegas. The Parisian start-up was invited by Région île-de-France to introduce its new features to the largest international trade fair for consumer technologies innovations.

Wisebatt is a simulation platform dedicated to IoT and consumer device development and optimization. This collaborative solution aims to accelerate the design phase of connected devices. It offers engineers the possibility to access in a few minutes the same results as a traditional study: autonomy, performance or even the final cost of the object.

Thanks to this unique technology, Wisebatt positions itself as innovation enabler. The start-up is looking forward to discovering new technological challenges from CES exhibitors.

“With our solution, we are directly targeting the engineers who will make tomorrow’s devices. That’s why CES Las Vegas - the meeting place for the International Tech ecosystem - is the perfect place to showcase Wisebatt. Our tool is constantly being improved in order to become a reference tool for studying the feasibility of new designs. We are proud to have the unique opportunity to unveil at CES our new features awaited by our users” stated Wilfried Dron, CEO at Wisebatt

New Features to be Presented in Las Vegas

Wisebatt was launched at first to allow developers to assess and optimize the energy consumption of their devices and has evolved during the past months. The start-up will present its new features to the CES international audience: The goal is now to allow electronics engineers to carry out a full feasibility study in few hours.

Indeed, moving from an idea to a physical prototype is a complex process. This step could be risky as the architecture choice is core to develop a device that is functional and affordable.

Wisebatt mixes simulation and data aggregation to allow engineers to carry out a feasibility study according to energy consumption, bill of material, components technical interoperability and supply chain constraints. The key idea is to automate most of the time-consuming tasks with low added value for engineers.

Focus on Cost of Production

Estimating production costs is a key step which often happens after the actual R&D phase.  Wisebatt provides this information to engineers along the simulation results. With it, they can make the best choices according to costs, stock and the lead time of these components while accessing all the distributors in their region.