VisIC Technologies Raises $10M to Speed GaN Market Adoption

June 07, 2018 by Paul Shepard

VisIC Technologies, an innovator of efficient power electronics based on GaN semiconductors, announced today that it has closed $10 million in a Series D round of financing lead by a private investor.

The electrification of automotive vehicles has been growing at an unprecedented pace in the recent past and will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. GaN power devices get the maximum performance out of high power, high voltage power conversion systems inside hybrid and electric vehicles. The improved size, weight, efficiency and heat management of the on-board charger and the dc-dc converter, designed with GaN power devices, all contribute to faster charging and longer driving range.

High performance power supplies for telecom systems and datacenters are using GaN power devices to reach new levels of density and efficiency, bringing down the electricity costs of the operators significantly.

"GaN technology opens a new space in power electronics - from shifting the performance envelope up to the point of new topologies development. We are delighted to see VisIC offering specifically rugged GaN devices with negligible fast transient dynamic RDSon," said Ivan Feno, Principal Power Design Engineer from Bel Power Solutions.

"The insulated thermal pad is another welcome feature enabling the increase of the power stage reliability and density. Ultimately, 1200V rated GaN devices might be an attractive alternative in the 1200V segment dominated by SiC technology today,” Feno added.

VisIC's technology offering in combination with ongoing R&D designs by large players in the power electronics industry, made it possible to close this round of funding on favorable terms.

"We are very excited by the level of enthusiasm of VisIC's investor, who believes in the enormous potential of VisIC's GaN products. With the new funding, we can expand our portfolio further to address more market segments. Furthermore, we will increase our technical support team to assist our growing worldwide customer base," said Tamara Baksht, VisIC Technologies' founder and CEO.

About VisIC Technologies

Based in Nes Ziona, Israel, VisIC Technologies, Ltd. was established in 2010 by experts in GaN technology to develop and sell advanced GaN-based power conversion products. VisIC has successfully developed, and is bringing to market, high power GaN-based transistors and modules. VisIC has been granted keystone patents for GaN technology and has additional patents pending.