Vishay to Showcase Power MOSFETs, Diodes and Passives at PCIM Europe 2013

May 06, 2013 by Power Pulse1595211359

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.announced its technology line-up for PCIM (Power Conversion Intelligent Motion) Europe 2013 will be highlighting its industry-leading power MOSFET, passive component, and diode technologies for a wide range of applications. Vishay Siliconix power MOSFET technologies on display at PCIM will include a variety of solutions that help power design engineers achieve increased power densities, higher switching frequencies, lower thermal characteristics, and reduced power consumption. 30 V TrenchFET® Gen IV MOSFETs with the efficient characteristics of low resistance and gate charge address the dc-dc power conversion needs of computer and embedded applications. High-performance 80 V to 150 V ThunderFET® MOSFETs are designed for medium-voltage demands in industrial and telecommunications server and base station power conversion.

For high-voltage power conversion, motor control, and power factor correction, Vishay Siliconix will present high-efficiency 600 V and 650 V E Series MOSFETs. For load and battery switching and OR-ing applications, Vishay Siliconix will present its best-in-class p-channel Gen III technology. Low-profile, high-power-density PowerPAK® SO8L AEC-Q101-qualified SQ Series MOSFETs and the Vishay Siliconix bare Known Good Die (KGD) MOSFET offering address the increasing demands associated with automotive designs, specifically in powertrain and hybrid car applications.

For telecommunications and industrial power applications, highlighted Vishay diodes and rectifiers will include 170 V TMBS® Trench MOS Barrier Schottky rectifiers with maximum operation junction temperatures of 175 °C in TO-220AB, TO-263AB, and TO-3PW packages. For electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, and solar inverters, Gen2 650 V FRED Pt® Ultrafast Diodes will be on display with a wide range of rated currents from 2 A to 150 A and typical reverse recovery times down to 28 ns. In addition, Vishay will be highlighting new packaging solutions for its power modules featuring solderless pressfit technology.

Passive components from Vishay will consist of a wide variety of the company's latest capacitors, resistors, and inductors. Featured capacitors will include Vishay Draloric high-voltage ceramic RF power devices; Vishay BCcomponents power aluminum electrolytic capacitors with ultra-long life and SMD 160 CLA aluminum capacitors featuring low impedance for high-temperature (up to 150 °C) applications; Vishay ESTA power electronic devices for wind turbines and solar energy; Vishay Vitramon multilayer ceramic chip capacitors (MLCCs); and Vishay Roederstein DC-link, AC-filtering, and snubber film devices with low inductance and long operational life.

Highlights of Vishay's line of resistors will include Vishay Dale high-current shunts for power meter and intelligent battery management applications; Vishay Draloric wirewound resistors for pulse load and load dump applications, including crowbar, high-power, aluminum compact resistors, and ultra-stable thin film and MELF resistors; and Vishay Sfernice thick film power resistors for power supplies, motor control, inverters, and converters as precharge, discharge, snubber, and chopper resistors. Featured Vishay Dale power inductors will include power devices with DCR values as low as 0.15 mΩ, wireless charging receiving coils with efficiency > 75 %, and wireless charging transmitter coils with high permeability shielding. Vishay planar transformers for hybrid car inverter applications will complete the Vishay power inductor offering.

In addition, Dr. Matthias Dressler of the Vishay Draloric / Beyschlag Resistors Division will be presenting an education session on Tuesday, May 14, from 15:30 - 17:15. "New Ultra-Load-Dump Crowbar Resistors for Pulsed Applications" will address wind power plants using doubly-fed induction generators (DFIG) and crowbar units to prevent damage from low-voltage ride-through (LVRT).