Vishay Highlights Smart Energy Devices at Electronica

November 13, 2014 by Power Pulse1595211359

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. has identified smart energy as embodies in the connectivity (networking, the Internet of Things), mobility, and sustainability markets as growth drivers during the coming years. For example, looking at the smart grid and metering applications the Vishay product range includes, among other components, optocouplers and solid-state relays, MELF resistors with increased dielectric and pulse strength, and WSMS series meter shunts for precise current measurement.

New in Vishay's portfolio are high capacity 196 HVC ENYCAP™ electrochemical energy storage capacitors, which are primarily used in energy meters and home automation devices for energy supply during power failures or to support peak currents during data transfer. The ENYCAP’s energy density of 13 Ws/g sets an industry standard that provides developers with very compact designs with higher backup availability. The 196 HVC series is characterized by smooth charging behavior and multiple voltage ratings. Because the system does not need a charge balance control of single cells, it is flexible and can be used in a manner similar to batteries, but with much higher cycling strength. The 220EDLC series is the classic alternative, with radial wire leads and high current density. IR transmitter and receiver modules, optocouplers, Zener diodes, rectifiers, and TVS diodes, as well as thermistors for precise temperature measurement, supplement the portfolio.

In the target markets, different combinations of Vishay components play an important role in meeting market demands: Connectivity (Networking, the Internet of Things) where high data availability and security require powerful servers and data infrastructures (the information highway) to network things like machines, transportation, communication and information systems, and everyday objects. These applications must be smart and efficient in many ways, and must be available at any time without complicating systems for users. The development of wired and wireless information and energy transmission is just as essential here as the supply of high-efficiency energy from renewable energy, or "energy harvesting" -- the extraction of energy from available resources.

These applications include Wearables and Smart Watches as the primary representatives of future ultra-portable, intelligent communication and data acquisition systems, which in the future will also play an important role in our personal lives. Vishay expects that these applications will perform functions such as health monitoring, payment systems, personal identification, nutritional planning, and more. Vishay offers ultra-compact and highly efficient components with high availability and durability for these applications. The selection ranges from fully integrated proximity and ambient light sensors (VCNL4020), ESD protection diodes (VESD05), load switches, MOSFETs (CSPs, chips, and miniature housings), thin film resistor chips and arrays, and extra-flat and small tantalum capacitors with low ESR, to miniature storage chokes in the IFSC series and RX / TX coils for wireless charging.

In power supplies for Servers and Data Storage Systems, Vishay offers components for applications with different features and specifications – TMBS® diodes, IHLP® power inductors, MOSFETs (PowerPAK®, PowerPAIR®), Power Metal Strip® resistors, low-drift thin film SMD resistors and DrMOS solutions (MOSFET driver ICs and high efficiency HL/LS MOSFETs). These must meet the specific performance requirements of light- to full-load operation, guaranteeing especially long life and minimal loss. Other features are high- Megahertz switching frequencies; skip mode (SMOD), the ability of components to skip switching pulses at light load requirements; and zero voltage switching, to further reduce the turn-on loss of the converters.

Some of the key applications in the area of mobility include Driver Assistance and Information Systems and the Networking of Vehicles for sharing driving-direction-related data. Contactless control units are increasingly integrated, and control is substantially simplified in control concepts for modern automobiles, which significantly reduces driver distraction and increases safety. Gesture and proximity sensors are invisibly integrated into large control units and respond (for example: the display menu bar) only when the operator's hand reaches a specific distance from the display. This convenience function requires less attention for operation and supports driving safety.

Vishay provides developers of these systems with a number of AEC-Q10-qualified photodetectors and sensors of various types, heights, and configurations. New developments in this area are the VCNL4020X01, a robust proximity and ambient light sensor, which is AEC-Q101-qualified for an up to 105°C operating temperature, for the improvement of user interfaces in automotive interior applications; and the VEMD5010X01 / VEMD5110X01 PIN photodiodes with high sensitivity and extremely reduced dark current, for use in rain, light, and tunnel sensors. With today’s rain, light, and tunnel sensor technology, which report rain and road moisture to the braking electronics, braking distance can be significantly reduced.

For Inverters and Converters in Electric Vehicles and especially for 48 V Boardnets, Vishay has developed a number of specific, customizable transformers and filters with outstanding switching and EMC behavior. They enable customers to fast and flexibly implement design modifications. In these applications, AEC-Q101-qualified shunt resistors (WSLP0603), IHLP power inductors in sizes 1212 or 1616, and the EMI-reduced IHLE4040 are used as well. Vishay's portfolio is supplemented by a whole series of newly developed standard, Schottky, and Ultrafast FRED Pt® rectifiers, in performance-optimized SMF eSMP® housings for use in DC / DC converters, TVS diodes, WSHM2818 series Power Metal Strip® resistors with a high 7 W power rating, and latest-generation asymmetric MOSFETs, as well as thin film flat chips and MELFs with improved dielectric and pulse strength.

For use in Solar Panels and Inverters as well as Wind Energy Systems, Vishay offers electronic components with high power density and efficiency that are long-lasting and highly reliable, while meeting strict safety standards. Among these are 095 PLL-4TSI and 096 PLL-4TSI series 4-terminal snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitors for use in solar inverters. 104 PHL series aluminum electrolytic capacitors with screw terminals supplement Vishay's selection regarding increased operating temperature ranges to 105°C. Film capacitors for use as DC-Links, snubbers, or filters complete the selection. They are self-healing, have low self-inductance, and are characterized by high pulse and dielectric strength.

The newly developed Trench PT and FS IGBT platform combination with the newly developed FRED Pt® Gen 4 series VS-4FD...anti-parallel diodes offer developers of modern converters the possibility of increasing system efficiency and reducing EMC interference. Vishay's selection is supplemented by Super Junction MOSFETs series SiHxXXN60EF with fast, optimized body diodes, especially for use in ZVS (zero voltage switching) and soft switching topologies, as well as by semiconductor modules and high-performance resistors with rated power of >1 kW. Customers benefit from Vishay's experience in production and selection of high-voltage and safety approved components.

This also applies to components for power transmission, distribution, and supply, such as High-Voltage DC Transmission Systems, Smart Grids, and Electricity Meters where, in addition to longevity, ruggedness, and safety regulations, custom design matters. HVAC and DCMKP Vishay ESTA high-performance capacitors are used in filters and power factor correction systems. These are complemented by the use of WCR water cooled power resistors and VSGR...and GRE...metal plate resistors as snubber, pre-charging, and filter resistors.