Verizon Earns Energy Star

April 14, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Verizon has earned the US government’s Energy Star certification for three more or its energy-efficient office buildings, maintaining its position as the top Energy Star company in the telecommunications industry. Verizon is also working with the EPA on an Energy Star energy-use benchmarking process for telecommunications central offices where the computerized switching systems that route voice calls and data are located.

Verizon now has Energy Star certification for eight office buildings across the country. In addition, Verizon is in the process of performing Energy Star benchmarking measurements in 200 more administrative buildings. Verizon estimates it saved $15 million in energy costs in 2002 as a result of its improved energy efficiency.

"The benchmarking process for earning an Energy Star label helps us identify our least efficient energy-use administrative buildings so we can upgrade those first," said Adolfo Reyes, executive director, Verizon Real Estate Operations.

The three Verizon buildings, located in Newbury Park, California, Ardmore, Pennsylvania, and Glen Ridge, New Jersey, received the Energy Star label following lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning improvements designed to lower electrical energy use.