UTC Power Announces PAFC Milestone and Its PureCell 200

May 24, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

UTC Power, a division of United Technologies Corp. (South Windsor, CT), reported that it has deployed fuel cells that have accumulated more than one billion kilowatt-hours of energy. The significance of the milestone is that one billion kilowatt-hours represents enough energy to power more than 91,000 US homes for one year, and sets a new industry standard.

The company will also be releasing product enhancements to its industrial phosphoric acid fuel cell (PAFC), the PureCell 200. UTC Power’s PAFC cell stack technology has demonstrated five years of consistent durability for more than seven million operating hours in the field. The company also reports it plans to double this time frame to 10 years, or 80,000 hours, with an enhanced product expected to be commercially available in 2007.

The PureCell 200, recycles waste heat as free fuel to generate electricity in industrial applications. The company has systems installed in 19 countries, delivering on-site alternative energy to hospitals, telecommunications central offices, data centers, educational institutions, hotels, military bases and other facilities.