UQM Delivers System For Heavy Track EV

February 22, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

Unique Mobility Inc. (UQM, Golden, CO) announced that it has delivered electric propulsion system components to Technion-Israel Institute of Technology (Israel) as part of their development and installation of a hybrid-electric powertrain system in a heavy tracked vehicle.The hybrid-electric propulsion system components included two SR286 waterproof traction motors, rated at 75kW each, a similarly sized generator unit rated at up to 100kW output which will be mated to a diesel engine, and the related electronic controls. According to UQM, a hybrid design will have more range than an electric-only vehicle and will not require charging infrastructure, since the on-board batteries are charged by the diesel generator. The vehicle can be operated quietly in an all-electric mode, giving off a "low thermal signature," which makes it virtually impossible to detect using infrared sensor technology.Unique has previously delivered electric propulsion system components for a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency hybrid-electric HMMV. That vehicle was powered by four UQM 75kW traction motors and a 55kW generator. "We believe there is tremendous opportunity to introduce hybrid electric propulsion systems in combat class vehicles where performance, improved emissions and stealth mission capability are value added to the end user," stated Unique Chairman and CEO Ray A. Geddes. "The incorporation of our gear into this heavy tracked vehicle will allow our customer to experience first hand the brute power and value added capabilities of this technology."