Uni-Solar Selects SatCon's PowerGate System

November 24, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

SatCon Technology Corp. (Cambridge, MA), a leader in power and energy management, announced that United Solar Ovonic (Uni-Solar), a manufacturer of thin-film photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, has selected the SatCon PowerGate™ Power Converter System for integration into its PV power generation systems for installations greater than 50kW. The converters are designed for use with solar power systems to generate electrical power in office buildings, small factories, hotels and similar facilities. SatCon's Power Converter Systems convert electricity from PV cells into standard usable electricity.

"We believe there is a growing market for technology that makes solar energy practical for industrial applications," said David Eisenhaure, SatCon's president and chief executive officer. "With our next-generation technology, we are well positioned to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the solar PV market. We believe that the market potential for our 100kW PV power conditioning system will be significant, and we are pleased that Uni-solar has adopted our power converters for use in its PV power generation systems."