Transphorm to Showcase Market Adoption of High Voltage GaN at APEC 2020

February 12, 2020 by Paul Shepard

Transphorm Inc. has previewed its APEC 2020 booth (#1514) presentations. The company will showcase end products from more than five markets that leverage the inherent benefits offered by Transphorm's gallium nitride (GaN). These benefits included increased power density and power efficiency as well as lower overall system costs—often achieved within the same or better thermal performance range than comparative Silicon-based products.

The customers behind the above mentioned end products use Transphorm's GaN in a wide variety of power ranges. Information gathered from their design experiences coupled with the company's technological vision have led to Transphorm's latest innovation, it's Gen IV GaN platform.

APEC attendees will get the first look at Transphorm's new GaN devices as well as the advanced benefits they will bring to the power electronics markets. They will also be the first to learn of new design tools and resources guaranteed to simplify GaN power system development.

Transphorm's market traction to date is driven by the company's focus on four key areas (RDDR):

  1. Reliability: First JEDEC- and AEC-qualified GaN power FETs that also offer less than four defective parts per million (DPPM) based on more than five billion field hours.
  2. Designability: GaN offered in standard device packages that use well-known design-in and thermal management techniques.
  3. Drivability: GaN FETs that require minimal external circuitry and drive like Silicon.
  4. Reproducibility: GaN manufacturing process that offers Silicon-like fab yields capable of high-volume scalability.

Transphorm's expert team members will address RDDR as they present six related topics during APEC's educational, industry, and technical sessions:

  • Full Technology Validation of 600V+ GaN Power Devices—from Device Structure, Performance and Reliability, to Application Economics, User Satisfaction and ppm Field Failure Rate
  • Advances Through Innovation: Transphorm Changes the Game with Gen-IV 650V GaN Platform
  • Portable Power for the People: Inergy Realizes its Vision with Transphorm GaN
  • GaN FETs Enable High Frequency Dual Active Bridge Converters for Bi-Directional Battery Chargers
  • Best Practices Using Voltage Acceleration for Reliability Testing of High Voltage GaN
  • No Digital Control Experience Needed: Bridgeless Totem Pole PFC GaN Designs Made Simple

For a schedule of the above activities, please visit here.