Transim Supports Renesas Virtual Power Lab

March 11, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

Transim Technology Corp. announced that it enables a design website, Renesas Virtual Power Lab (Renesas-VP), which supports customers designing applications with Renesas Technology’s Power MOSFETs. The recently launched website is powered by Transim’s WebSIM® online design technology.

The Renesas-VP Online Design Center enables users to create complete power management solutions by entering key design requirements, such as voltage, output current and switching frequency.

The web application automatically generates an optimized design in form of an interactive schematic, which allows components to be changed by the user. Providing a virtual test bed, Transim’s WebSIM® remote simulation capability allows the user to verify multiple designs instantaneously. The resulting waveforms, such as efficiency curve, bode plot, load transient and switching waveforms, are available for analysis using a sophisticated interactive waveform viewer. The requirements, schematic, results, and BOM can be printed and/or saved in the user’s private design space for future use. Additionally Renesas VP users can download a schematic of their design and free offline simulation tool through Transim’s WebSIM Connect.

Renesas-VP also features an interactive data sheet that allows the automatic generation of customer datasheets reflecting device operating points different from nominal operating conditions as they are shown in traditional PDF based data sheets.

"Thanks to Transim’s highly reliable online design technology, Renesas-VP provides our customer with cutting-edge technology through advanced platform design techniques, and strengthens our leading position in the global power MOSFET market," stated Isao Shimura, General Manager of Power Supply Devices Business Unit of Renesas Technology Corp.

"It is a great honor to have Renesas as a customer. We have worked closely with Renesas to develop a solution focused on providing outstanding online technical service and support," stated Mrs. Birgit Knorr, Transim President and CEO. "Renesas-VP is a globally accessible engineering solution that is easy to use, fast, and powerful."