Torex Semiconductor Forms an Alliance with India-based Cirel Systems

October 03, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Torex Semiconductor Ltd. has agreed to form a capital alliance with Cirel Systems Pvt. Ltd. to strengthen product development with a view to expanding Torex’s business. This capital alliance marks the start of a business partnership and business cooperation between Torex and Cirel.

The two companies plan to develop general-purpose power source ICs in a timely manner and step up development of Application Specific Standard Products (ASSPs).


For 25 years, Torex has established its position as a leading manufacturer of analog power supply ICs. Meanwhile, Cirel specializes in mixed signal IC technology, developing and selling analog products customized for specific applications. Through this capital alliance, the two companies hope to open up new possibilities for business expansion by combining their strengths.

The aim of the capital alliance is to strengthen the development infrastructure with a view to speeding up the development of analog semiconductor products and expanding the product lineup, thus ensuring timely delivery of products that meet market needs in a range of areas, especially IoT devices, industrial equipment and the automotive industry.

Details of business cooperation

With recent advances in areas such as IoT devices, industrial equipment and electric vehicles, analog semiconductor products are becoming increasingly important and many of these products are likely to be required to consume even less power and be even more compact in the future.

Torex will now combine its technology for power saving, compact products with Cirel’s technology for mixed signal products to develop products that meet these market needs. The two companies will also increase the efficiency of their product development operations by sharing analog semiconductor designers to combat the global analog skills shortage.

“We are very glad for this opportunity for technical cooperation with Cirel. It will help us strengthen our product development infrastructure, enabling us to develop new products that meet rapidly changing market needs. Through this investment, Torex will have access to mixed signal technology which we lacked before. We plan to combine this with our expertise in power-saving, compact, high-precision, low-noise power supply ICs to develop products for markets such as sensing technology that are set to become increasingly necessary in the future. Torex will quickly identify market needs and take the lead in developing products based on a growth strategy shared with Cirel” commented Koji Shibamiya, President of Torex.

“We are delighted to have Torex as an investor and Partner. Cirel’s expertise in Integrated Power Management ASICs combined with Torex’s global presence in general-purpose power supply ICs will help both of us to win additional markets globally including fast growing Indian semiconductor market” commented Mr Sumeet Mathur, CEO of Cirel.