The Role of Microgrids for Power Surety during National Emergencies – Webinar

April 23, 2020 by Paul Shepard

Despite the severe consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak, it may push us towards a more diverse and decentralized way of generating, storing, and distributing electricity. A webinar titled "The Role of Microgrids for Power Surety during National Emergencies," sponsored by Solar Power Events and the EMerge Alliance, will be hosted 28 April, 2020, 02:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada).

This on-line event will address several questions including: If this or any similar disruption continues for a long period of time, what will happen to our national electric grid? Who will run the facilities/grid if those specialists are sick or home quarantined or their equipment supply chain is disabled? What about regional, or worse yet, a national electric grid failure?

According to the webinar sponsors, it is time to start investing in the resources needed to support first responders and to protect the surety of electricity for communications, light, medical, and other critical equipment. Any responsible power outage response and recovery plan should include microgrids as part of our power infrastructure. Solutions are available and need to be invested in and deployed today.

During this webinar, you will hear from noted utility and private industry experts and thought leaders on making the inevitable future happen now.

Leading the Webinar will be:

Brian Patterson - Founder @EMerge Alliance

Brian T. Patterson is the founder of the EMerge Alliance, a 501c non-profit corporation established to create application standards for low voltage dc and hybrid ac/dc microgrids and power systems used at the enterprise level. The Alliance also promotes the development of the eco-system supporting the rapid adoption of those standards that includes building and home owners and managers, architects and designers, engineers and contractors, policy, regulatory and compliance officials, academic and independent researchers, original equipment manufacturers and system integrators. o Patterson's extensive technical and work history in building technologies, electronics, and fiber optics has resulted in his holding multiple patents in those fields. He has held positions of General Manger of Business Development for the Building Products Division of Armstrong World Industries, Director Fiber Optics for AMP Incorporated, and Division President for Kollmorgan Corp.

Charles Manto - CEO @Instant Access Networks

Charles (Chuck) Manto is chief executive officer of Instant Access Networks LLC (IAN), a consulting and research and development firm that produces independently tested solutions for EMP-protected microgrids and equipment shelters for telecommunications networks and data centers. His company holds the data rights package for its SBIR program for EMP-protected microgrid systems. He received seven patents in telecommunications, computer mass storage, EMP protection and a smart microgrid controller, the core of IAN's "Resilient Adaptive Modular-Microgrid System" (RAMS™). He is a senior advisor to the EMerge Alliance Governing Board and a senior member of the IEEE and is chairman-emeritus of InfraGard National's National Disaster Resilience Council. In addition, Chuck is the author of seven (7) Books on the subject of power infrastructure and resiliency.

Registration for "The Role of Microgrids for Power Surety during National Emergencies" is available HERE.