Telekom Austria partners with bsf IT-Solutions for Smart Meters

February 15, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

Telekom Austria Group M2M and bsf IT-Solutions announced a new partnership, committed to replacing conventional electric meters of numerous power grid operators with smart meters. In a joint project, Telekom Austria Group M2M and bsf IT-Solutions will replace conventional electric meters of numerous power grid operators with smart meters. bsf IT-Solutions goes for first ready-for-use Austrian Smart Metering system, which meets all legal requirements of the European Union and the Austrian regulatory authority E-Control

Power grid operators get fully integrated and secured Smart Metering system, including roll-out solution of Telekom Austria Group M2M thus making energy consumption more transparent for end-consumers. Bsf IT-Solutions will deliver a ready-for-use fully integrated and secured smart metering system for 23 grid operators with a total of 35,000 customer power systems in Austria.

bsf IT-Solutions provides billing systems and IT solutions for power grid operators which are the perfect addition to the current smart metering portfolio of Telekom Austria Group M2M. These include, in addition to the smart metering systems of the company's partners Kamstrup and Kaifa (Österreich Zähler), a centralized operated Meter Data Management solution of the German market leader Görlitz as well as the transmission of data via A1 high-performance communications network.

Bernd Liebscher, Managing Director Telekom Austria Group M2M, said about the new partnership: "We are delighted to be able to jointly achieve with bsf IT-Solutions the next smart metering roll-outs in Austria. Our portfolio encompasses all relevant modules ranging from the provision of the smart metering technology and the central IT systems for Meter Data Management up to the transmission of data."

"As a software manufacturer for grid operators and energy suppliers, we are showing with this project that we are able to considerably simplify the automatic data exchange between billing system and meter data management, as well as the administration of basic data such as electric power systems, meter points, metering devices and tariff schemes etc. on a single platform. This partnership will also enable a more efficient processing of orders with a corresponding APP as well as service rollout and daily operations. This allows grid operators to save both money and resources. For the implementation of our solution, we have chosen Telekom Austria Group M2M as dependable partner in the area of data security, project management and smart meter infrastructure," said Franz Fichtinger, Managing Director at bsf IT-Solutions GmbH.

Based on the legal framework for a countrywide smart grid rollout in Austria, 95% of all conventional electric meters will have to be replaced by so-called smart meters by year-end 2019 with the ultimate goal of generating higher transparency and promoting energy savings. In light of the planned smart meter introduction, power grid operators are currently preparing for the challenges that lie ahead. The necessary investments in smart metering systems, installation, data transmission and the operation of a central IT infrastructure have to be made in a future-proof and cost-effective manner.

Telekom Austria Group M2M does not only provide a smart metering solution that is specially designed to meet the demands of the Austrian market but also high-security transmission networks for data communication between the single smart meters, while operating the central Meter Data Management System round the clock.