TechSys Accelerates SOFC Research and Development

August 15, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

TechSys Inc. (Florham Park, NJ) announced that in conjunction with its partner Adelan Ltd. (Birmingham, England), the company has approved plans and is providing funding for the immediate expansion of Adelan's laboratory facilities at Birmingham's Research Park to advance technology development, product engineering and eventual production of its solid-oxide fuel cell (SOFC) products.

"Adelan is developing proprietary technology, which we believe will revolutionize alternative energy producing electricity from fuel cells. As pioneers in the SOFC field, TechSys and Adelan expect to introduce their first-production prototypes in 2002. Multiple product designs are being developed as clean and commercially viable alternatives to conventional sources of electricity for a broad range of applications, including residential and commercial uses in addition to portable and transportation applications," according to Kevin Kendall, managing director and co-inventor of Adelan's unique SOFC fuel processing system.

The company's technology is expected to reduce the size and cost of current commercial fuel cell units, as well as to allow for power generation through direct utilization of a variety of both gas and liquid fuels, thereby eliminating the need for a reformer or dependence on pure hydrogen.