TDK and Densei-Lambda Launch Unified TDK-Lambda Brand

March 27, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

TDK Corp. and Densei-Lambda KK will launch a unified brand, called TDK-Lambda, for power-supply products on April 1, 2006. As the first stage of the brand integration, the two companies will promote and market their products together. Densei-Lambda has been a member of TDK Group since TDK's acquisition of its approx. 58% shares in October 2005.

The unified brand will cover ac-dc switching power supplies, dc-dc converters, dc-ac inverters, and power modules. TDK has been mainly focusing on products for consumer equipment while Densei-Lambda has a strong presence in industrial equipment.

Densei-Lambda's strength lies in ac-dc switching power supplies and power modules, while TDK's advantage is in dc-dc converters and dc-ac inverters.

With the unified brand, the two companies will leverage their strength in sales, marketing, manufacturing, and product development. The two companies expect to enhance the power-supply business as a TDK Group.

As the first initiative in their co-marketing activities, TDK and Densei-Lambda will co-exhibit their unified brand products and new products at the TDK-Lambda Booth at TECHNO-FRONTIER 2006, which will be held at the Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex in Japan on April 19-21.