Superlattice Power Develops Metallic Anodes Compatible To Cathodes With High Capacity Li-Ion Structures

July 23, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

Superlattice Power, Inc. announced that it has successfully developed a series of metallic anodes for utilization along with the proprietary high capacity cathode material with the super lattice structure already developed.

Superlattice Power is developing anode and cathode materials for different applications from high power to high energy. The newly developed synthesis process has already enabled large scale production of phase pure cathode material. The materials will be implemented for the large scale production of anode material.

According to the company, currently, commercially used anodes such as carbonaceous materials, either graphite or MCMB, undergo passive layer formation on the surface which limits the cycle life of this material. Silicon or metal oxide anodes are also said to have the same issues in which material pulverizes during the repeatedly performed charge and discharge cycles. It is claimed that the synthesis processes of these materials are not mature enough to be practiced in the industry for large volume production.

Superlattice Power states that it has recognized an application of stable anode materials by tailoring their physical properties and chemistry utilizing the abundantly available and less expensive metal elements.

The principal objective of the company is to enhance lithium ion battery performance and efficiency for the next generation rechargeable power system to make it light weight and efficient.