Supercapacitor Development Balancing Kit

July 30, 2014 by Jeff Shepard

KEMET Corporation today announced the release of its Supercapacitor Development Balancing Kit. This kit complements the KEMET S301 Supercapacitor and includes a 2-stage active balancing circuit to ensure that voltage across each Supercapacitor cell is approximately equal. Typical applications include product validation, prototyping, low volume production and custom configurations in a variety of markets.

The kit features high frequency capacitance retention, energy delivery capabilities and reliability, as well as overvoltage protection and RoHS compliance. Each kit contains enough balancing cards, bus bars, screws, washers and wire to assemble six S301 60 mm diameter cells. The S301 cells are rated for 2.7V with an operating temperature range of -40 to +65 degrees C and a cycle life of over one million cycles.

KEMET S301 Series Supercapacitors utilize a proprietary electrode design to deliver a very high power density. This product features high power performance up to 3,000 F capacity in a weldable axial screw termination cell. Typical applications include automotive subsystems, engine starting, rail systems, hybrid drive trains, material handling/utility vehicles, regenerative brake energy capture, backup power, grid/power correction, and UPS/carry through power.