Stuart Energy Partners with Hydrogen Car Company

January 12, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

Stuart Energy Systems Corp. (Toronto, Canada) announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with the Hydrogen Car Company (HCC), a privately held company focused on developing and marketing a new generation of cars and trucks that are powered by hydrogen internal combustion engines.

To support the sale of its vehicles, HCC will exclusively offer Stuart Energy hydrogen fueling infrastructure solutions to its customers, ranging from the Personal Energy Stations, under development for home fueling, to large-scale Hydrogen Energy Stations, currently being deployed around the world for fleet fueling and power applications. In addition to being an exclusive hydrogen infrastructure partner, Stuart Energy is also a strategic investor in HCC.

"For hydrogen to be widely adopted as a replacement for fossil fuels, we must get commercial products in the hands of consumers," commented Jon Slangerup, president and CEO of Stuart Energy. "We believe our strategic partnership with HCC will increase the demand for our innovative hydrogen infrastructure products and accelerate the mass adoption of hydrogen as a clean, safe fuel."