Stirling Advantage Offers New Power System Design

July 02, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Stirling Advantage Inc. (Athol, MA) announced a new design for its Stirling Power System that will produce electricity from the energy in wasted steam, converting formerly wasted energy to electricity with no additional production of CO2 or other greenhouse gases. The new system would also be useful in other applications where low-quality steam is condensed such as paper mills, or as a bottoming cycle for fuel cells and steam turbines.

"Large power plants currently waste about two-thirds of their energy input to produce electricity," stated Stirling Advantage CEO Ricardo Conde. "Our 1MW, low-temperature, Stirling Power System would perform the function of a steam condenser at these plants and convert much of the wasted energy to electricity. In effect, it would increase the fuel efficiency of large power plants 10 to 15 percent by avoiding use of additional fuel."