Solicore and ICP to Co-Develop Solar Power Products

August 28, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Solicore Inc. (Lakeland, FL) and ICP Global Technologies (Montreal, Canada) have signed an agreement in which the two companies will utilize their patented technologies to jointly develop and market a range of solar energy products for consumer and industrial applications.

Solicore has patented a dry electrolyte that is a non-compressible, non-combustible and non-toxic film, making possible completely solid, dry, flexible, rechargeable and environmentally friendly battery products. ICP has developed a line of photovoltaic panels capable of running small appliances in RVs and marine vehicles, maintaining vehicle batteries, and solar-powered battery chargers.

"The marriage of the two technologies could lead to a host of power applications that can only be imagined today," said Solicore President and COO Robert Singleton. "In today's energy-conscious world, the combination of solar and battery technologies has unlimited product potential."