Solaris 3878-kW PV-Powered Global Cruiser

September 25, 2016 by Jeff Shepard

Duffy London has developed the Solaris Global Cruiser, a luxury motor yacht that is solar powered providing free, clean fuel. According to the company, as a medium, a large yacht, boat or ship is a perfect proving ground for these technologies, as it provides an environment that is almost entirely enclosed. It must be able to produce its own fresh water, deal with its own waste and provide its own power.

The Solaris is powered by a combination of solar panels, electric motors and alcohol-powered turbines. This 44-meter long yacht includes a 40-kW bow thruster and main engines rated for 3878kW. It has a battery capacity of 2380kWhr, a cruising speed of 28 knots and a maximum speed of 45 knots. It is priced at £25 million and is available for delivery in 2020.

With this PV-powered yacht, you can cruise silently at great speeds over great distances, as you would with a sailing yacht. But unlike a conventional sailing yacht you are not at the mercy of wind and weather conditions, dictating your speed and direction. The Solaris can accommodate up to 10 guests and a crew of seven.

Made using state of the art manufacturing techniques, it has an extremely strong and light hull, shell and interior. This combined with the very latest in battery and solar technology, creates a super-yacht that could possibly never require refueling.

Luxury motor yachts spend a great deal of their lifetime in rest periods such as in ports and harbors. When they do travel, the fuel they use is vast, expensive, dirty, noisy, and devastating for the environment. Most disappointing is the surprisingly short distance the craft will travel until it requires refueling. Our system uses the rest periods to maintain and keep the vessel fully fueled and continues to top up whilst traveling.

This unique PV-power yacht enables the owner to live in an environmentally friendly way and leave as small a carbon footprint as possible while at the same time providing a luxurious, inspirational and provide a level of freedom and independence that fossil fuels never could.