Software Defined Power to Provide ‘Micro-Peak Shaving’ for Datacenters

September 24, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Virtual Power Systems (VPS) have announced a strategic technology alliance with Natron Energy that includes the integration of Natron Energy's patented battery technology into VPS' Intelligent Control of Energy (ICE) software platform to broaden SDP applications while further extending the hardware ecosystem of SDP-enabled solutions.

"As the creator of SDP, VPS collaborates with the most innovative datacenter technology companies to reduce power-capacity pressures and optimize energy utilization," said Steve Houck, CEO of Virtual Power Systems. "By leveraging Natron Energy's Prussian Blue battery technology, VPS brings the benefits of Software Defined Power to datacenter owners, operators and designers."

Embedding Natron Energy's groundbreaking sodium-ion battery technology into VPS' ICE platform enables VPS to further address growing demands for more flexible power distribution. In particular, this latest technology integration will provide "micro-peak shaving," where datacenters require rapid injections of power for short periods of time while also requiring power to be recharged in an extremely quick timespan. Together, Natron Energy's battery technology and VPS ICE can address dynamic power capacity changes caused by fluctuating workload spikes.

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As a result, datacenters can achieve superior power density, faster recharges and longer battery lifecycles when compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries. In addition, Natron Energy's sodium-ion batteries are nonflammable, safe and do not require a waiting period between charges.

"Our strategic partnership with VPS enables Natron Energy to bring the proven benefits associated with electric vehicles' fast-charging solutions to the datacenter," said Jack Pouchet, VP of Sales, Natron Energy. "Our sodium-ion batteries are ideally suited for demanding datacenter applications as they can endure tens of thousands of deep discharge cycles yet can be fully charged in eight minutes."

Datacenter owners and operators can inquire with VPS and Natron for onsite demonstrations. In the meantime, the partners have developed an SDP demonstration unit incorporating ICE and a Natron sodium-ion battery. The configuration is ready for hands-on testing and evaluation upon request at VPS' headquarters.