Siemens Information and Communication Networks and PowerDsine Announce Joint Strategy

April 13, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

PowerDsine (San Jose, CA) and Siemens Information and Communication Networks Inc. (Boca Raton, FL) announced a joint strategy to develop a standards-based powered Ethernet solution based on PowerDsine's Power-over-LAN Ethernet technology and Siemen's HiNet family of IP-based communication systems. The announcement was made at the Voice on the Net Trade Show, where both companies are demonstrating IP telephony using powered Ethernet technologies.

Siemens intends to integrate powered Ethernet solutions that are based on the IEEE 802.3af Standard into future HiNet Xpress IP telephony products. Siemens and PowerDsine are working together to redesign Siemens' HiNet family of IP phones and communication servers in order to be immediately market-ready when the IEEE standard is ratified.

PowerDsine's Power-over-LAN technology is claimed to reduce corporation installation and maintenance costs by delivering an electrical supply and data communications over a single standard LAN cable. The Power-over-LAN hub also includes a software management tool that distributes centralized backup power to all Ethernet terminals.

"The reliability and cost advantages inherent with powered Ethernet represents a key advancement in IP telephony and will greatly enhance its acceptance in enterprise communications," said Bernd Kuhlin, senior vice president of IP telephony products at Siemens. "The ability to provide our customers with an easy-to-use, dependable solution for their next-generation telephony needs is a key element in maintaining our competitive edge."