SFC Smart Fuel Cell & Evergreen Energy Technologies Announce Partnership

April 07, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

SFC Smart Fuel Cell AG and Evergreen Energy Technologies Inc., a start-up company in Calgary, Canada, announcd their further partnership to market clean fuel cell energy for the oil and gas industry in Canada.

The "Power Pod System", developed by Evergreen Energy Technologies, is described as a completely new and eco-friendly approach which is used to replace pneumatic devices at well sites. For reliable autonomous operation, the system is powered by a hybrid combination of SFC’s EFOY Pro fuel cell and solar. This solution powered by the EFOY Pro fuel cell just received a funding award under the "Alberta Innovation Voucher Pilot Program" by the Government of Alberta, that funds projects with environmentally friendly and energy efficient technologies in Western Canada.

So far, equipment used to monitor and service well sites and pipelines uses thermoelectric generators, diesel generators, the pneumatic power of venting propane or natural gas coming from the well, or solar power. Drawbacks to each of these systems are cost of fuels, cost and logistics of refuelling, effects of harsh weather conditions, and high greenhouse gas emissions.

Powered by the EFOY Pro fuel cell the "Power Pod" generates reliable power for an electronically controlled solenoid injection pump, as well as other equipment. The system easily retrofits on existing well sites and provides automatic site electrical power, in extreme weather conditions with significant economic, environmental, and safety benefits.

According to the companies, the cost and environmental advantages are enormous compared to regular pneumatic devices at well-sites, with typical 2.5 year breakeven, and 60% IRR (after tax) and increasing safety due to reduced combustible and toxic gas emissions at the production site. In this application, GHG emissions reductions of over 99% are achieved which corresponds to 170 tonnes CO2 per year per pump.

"The EFOY Pro fuel cell is the solution of choice for Evergreen’s Power Pod System due to its decisive advantages: reliable, zero emission power supply at extremely low fuel consumption", said Darryl West, President of Evergreen Energy Technologies Inc. "In combination with solar it creates one of the most innovative and green remote energy supply solutions for on-site oil and gas industry available with enormous advantages in total cost of ownership. The system is able to address a significant oil and gas industry problem: the use of gas venting pneumatic pumps and instruments resulting in lost revenue and high greenhouse gas emissions."

"We are very pleased to join forces with Evergreen Energy Technology to adapt clean fuel cell technology for use at remote oil and gas well sites in Canada", said Dr. Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Smart Fuel Cell AG. "Evergreen’s Power Pod system ideally combines the advantages of the EFOY Pro fuel cell and solar: the solar cell provides power when it can, and is backed up by the fuel cell during times of low solar flux. It is the perfect solution for remote oil and gas well-sites, but it is only one example for the potential of the EFOY Pro fuel cell as enabling technology for reliable power supply of many more remote industrial applications".