SFC and Medion Present New Energy Docking Station

March 13, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Smart Fuel Cell AG (SFC, Munich, Germany) and Medion AG announced plans to jointly develop a revolutionary new power supply for notebooks and other portable electronic devices, the Energy Docking Station, which is based on cutting-edge fuel cell technology. The Energy Docking Station is the first step towards complete integration of fuel cells into notebooks. It supplies the notebook with electricity about three times longer than a conventional battery - with a single, exchangeable fuel cartridge containing methanol.

Once a cartridge is empty, it can be "hot-swapped", i.e., exchanged without interruption of operation. More energy does not only translate into longer run-times, and hence more comfort and increased mobility, of the devices, but it also enables unlimited use of important product features like WLAN, mobile communication devices, etc. Even a cell phone can be recharged with the Energy Docking Station.