S&C Installs PureWave UPS System in Arizona Casino

May 04, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

The S&C Electric Co. (Chicago, IL) announced that a 480 V, 1,250 kVA/1,000 kW PureWave UPS™ system is scheduled to be installed and commissioned in an Arizona casino in August 2005. Casino management requested the UPS system after a power outage resulted in "lights out" with chips on the table; they wanted protection beyond that provided by the casino's backup generator and the UPSs embedded in the gaming machines that would protect the entire facility, provide "blink-proof" transitions between utility and generator power, provide redundancy to the machines’ UPSs, and not take up any valuable indoor space.

The design of the PureWave UPS System allows it to be installed outdoors. Almost no de-rating of the generator is required, so the existing generator set can be used. The PureWave UPS System will provide continuous power to the casino during utility source sags and outages, as well as transfers to and from the generator set. Since the PureWave UPS System will protect the entire facility from short-term power "blinks," the casino should experience longer battery life from the UPSs in the gaming machines.