SAE Intl. Launches New Global Technology Library—a Complete Database for Electric Vehicle Technology

July 01, 2012 by Jeff Shepard

SAE International is launching its new Global Technology Library -- Electric Vehicle database.

The Global Technology Library--Electric Vehicle is a new, comprehensive resource from SAE International that covers the latest developments in vehicle electrification worldwide. Unique to the market, the library is designed specifically for professionals and businesses in the hybrid-electric and electric vehicle industry, and provides news and in-depth analysis on:

The competitive landscape

Market performance

Private and government research

Intellectual property developments

New and proposed regulations

"Today’s development engineers are tasked with a formidable goal: converge mechanical, electrical and chemical knowledge into vehicles that are reliable, economical and fun to drive; and do it using a completely new propulsion technology," said Michael Thompson, Manager of Electronic Publishing at SAE International. "Our new Global Technology Library brings together the right information in a database that is simple and meaningful.

"Content includes SAE International technical papers and standards, SAE International eBooks and SAE International magazine content. In addition, the Global Technology Library - Electric Vehicle contains data from sources outside of SAE International, including global regulations, patents and patent applications, news articles, and market forecasts and industry reports.

For the initial launch, much of the information is made available through content partnership agreements between SAE International and other publishers, including Bloomberg BNA, InterRegs, SupplierBusiness, Advanced Automotive Batteries, The Patent Board, the U.S. Department of Energy, Honda Corporation, and ABOUT Publishing. SAE has plans to continue adding content post-launch as well. Content from partners like IDTechEx and NASA Tech Briefs is already in the works.

Future Global Technology Libraries will be produced based on customer demand and detailed market-gap analysis.

Prior to the launch, SAE International conducted and concluded a beta test that included private reviews and product tests by several industry experts representing OEM’s, suppliers, government agencies and private research labs. Feedback from the experts was incorporated into the final design of the database.

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