ROHM Semi Announces Name Change of Subsidiary OKI Semi to Lapis Semiconductor

October 09, 2011 by Jeff Shepard

ROHM Semiconductor announced that OKI Semiconductor Co., Ltd., part of the ROHM group, will change its company name to Lapis Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

The name change will became effective on Oct. 1st2011, three years after ROHM Co., Ltd. acquired OKI Semiconductor from OKI Electric Industry Co. Ltd. It includes the three subsidiaries of OKI Semiconductor, OKI Miyazaki, OKI Miyagi as well as OKI Thailand which will alter their name to Lapis Semiconductor (Miyazaki, Miyagi and Ayutthaya Co., Ltd.) accordingly. The name change will not have any impact on the company’s management policy or business operations.

Since 2008, OKI Semiconductor became well established in the industry as a member of the ROHM Semiconductor group, complementing ROHM’s offerings with LSIs and logic LSIs in a highly synergetic way. "Three years after the acquisition it’s time for the next step reflected by this measure, said Noriaki Okada, President OKI Semiconductor Co., Ltd. "Lapis" or "Lapis Lazuli" in gemology is a symbol for ideals and brilliance which we want to bring to the business of our customers and which we also anticipate for the future of our company".