ROHM and Geely Partner to Develop Advanced Power Technology for EVs

September 30, 2021 by Shannon Cuthrell

Japanese electronics giant ROHM is partnering with China’s Geely Automobile Group to develop advanced power technologies for automotive applications.

Japanese power electronics giant ROHM Semiconductor recently entered into a new strategic partnership with China’s Geely Automotive Group to develop advanced systems for automotive applications.

Image courtesy of ROHM

According to the announcement, the partnership is motivated by Geely’s efforts to extend EV cruising range while reducing costs and charge times. To achieve this, the firm is developing high-efficiency traction inverters and onboard charging systems using ROHM’s SiC (Silicon Carbide) power devices, which offer better performance at a lower cost than alternatives. (Last year, ROHM signed a similar partnership with Vitesco to provide SiC devices for its powertrain business.)

The announcement also said that Geely is developing high-performance advanced driver-assistance systems and intelligent cockpit systems equipped with communication integrated circuits, discrete devices, and other products. 

“Through this partnership, ROHM and Geely will contribute to sustainability by promoting the development of low carbon technologies in the automotive industry and offering solutions for achieving greater safety and security in our increasing mobility society,” the announcement stated.

Geely claims a large share of China’s auto market. In 2020, its Hong Kong-listed entity, Geely Automobile Holdings, delivered about 1.3 million units and generated $92.1 billion RMB (or about $14 billion USD) in revenue. In its annual report, the company said it diversified its profit structure and reaffirmed its research and development commitments to grow its smart electric mobility business. 

Earlier this year, Geely formed a new entity centered around premium electric vehicles. The new brand, dubbed Zeekr, plans to deliver a new electric vehicle each year over the next five years. Using Geely’s modular EV platform, Zeekr would include its own EV batteries, battery management systems, electric motor technologies, and supply chain support. 

In August, the company landed a $500 million investment round from a handful of prominent strategic investors, including Intel Capital, CATL, Bilibli, Cathay Fortune Group, and Boyu Capital.