ROHM, Analog Devices, and Maxim Integrated to Showcase New Devices at Virtual Electronica

November 05, 2020 by Alessandro Mascellino

Electronica, one of the World’s leading trade fairs for electronics, will take place next week. Here’s what several power electronics companies will present. 

For the first time in history, Electronica will take place online, and will feature more than 200 exhibitors across the four-day event, which will run from November 9 through November 12.

Several international companies will participate in the digital trade fair and conference, including ROHM, Analog Devices, and Maxim Integrated.

Below are the main power announcements from ROHM, Analog Devices, and Maxim Integrated. 



ROHM will showcase 11 applications and corresponding products at the Electronica online event.

These include automotive applications like ADAS (radar system, camera, ECU), xEV traction inverter, on-board chargers (OBC), digital cockpit solutions, HV heater, e-compressor and exterior lighting. 



Image courtesy of ROHM. 
Image courtesy of ROHM. 


As far as industrial applications are concerned, ROHM will unveil xEV charging stations, PV inverters, power supply units (PSU) and auxiliary power supplies.

Participants will be able to use a live chat feature to communicate with members of the ROHM team, as well as taking a live guided tour of the virtual booth to get a real time experience.

ROHM will also host three webinars examining SMPS designs, off-board charging stations, and LED Drivers for automotive exterior lighting applications.


Analog Devices

Analog Devices  will hold a grand total of seven talks at the Electronica event.

The webinars will range from telehealth solutions during the pandemic to 5G technologies, from Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) to MEMS sensors.


Image courtesy of Analog Devices. 
Image courtesy of Analog Devices. 

Analog Devices also said the team will present findings regarding its E-Mobility solutions, which the firm is deploying to accelerate EV adoption.

The related demo will show a combination of wireless connectivity, BMS precision, and technologies in the fields of isolation, power management, and intelligent sensing designed for new generations of traction inverters.

The Analog Devices team will also present on the company’s latest LT power tools, with a webinar on how to design, analyze and validate power solutions using the company’s ADI’s suite of design tools.


Maxim Integrated

Circuit manufacturer Maxim Integrated has prepared an extensive lineup for the Electronica online event.

The company intends to make a series of announcements, accompanied by related seminaries in a variety of fields, from industrial to healthcare, security, cloud, and design.


Image courtesy of Maxim Integrated. 
Image courtesy of Maxim Integrated. 


In terms of power products, Maxim Integrated will present demos to highlight the importance of efficient power, precision measurement, reliable connectivity, and robust protection for analog technologies.

The demonstrations will include real-time power measurement with nanopower technology, battery seal solution, battery backup system with ideal diode, and motor control.

Also, home automation with ISM transmitter/receiver, RTC accuracy over temperature, troubleshooting a CAN network, power meter for mobile, and ADC in crank arm applications.

For more information about these companies and the full Electronica lineup, you can check out this link here.

Participating in the event is free, and you can get tickets that allow free participation in virtual product presentations and in the forum program, as well as networking opportunities with other participants.