Renesas Showcases Intelligent Power Solutions at APEC 2019

March 12, 2019 by Scott McMahan

Renesas Electronics Corporation announced it will showcase its portfolio of intelligent, secure, and cloud-connected power solutions in booth #347 at the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC), in Anaheim, Calif., March 18-20, 2019.

At APEC, Renesas will highlight the company's solutions and methods of addressing the power management, performance, and time-to-market needs for industries such as industrial, IoT cloud infrastructure, endpoint devices, home appliances, and small satellite mega-constellations.

Solution Demonstrations

Energy Harvesting with Silicon-on-Thin-Buried-Oxide (SOTB™) Technology

The SOTB agriculture soil monitoring proof of concept will demonstrate the use of the company's unique integrated solution to manage harvested energy at the microcontroller (MCU) level by leveraging ambient energy sources including light, wind, flow, and vibration.

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Featuring the ultra-low power SOTB R7F0E embedded controller and ultra-low IQ dc-dc converter products, the solution utilizes energy harvesting technologies to drive sensor networks in environments that require battery-free sensors or sensors that function for long periods without battery replacements.

Advanced Power Management for Industrial, Server, and Battery-Operated Applications

Renesas will demonstrate bidirectional charging based on digital control and power management solutions, including what the company claims to be the industry's first true bidirectional buck-boost controllers. The bidirectional charging demo will highlight efficient charging and discharging of a supercapacitor power bank with on-the-fly direction change.

The company will also demonstrate high-density, high-efficiency PMBus power module solutions for servers, data communications, telecom, and other space-constrained, battery-operated applications.

Motor Control for High-Power/Low-Power Applications

Home appliance design is shifting from traditional power-hungry ac motors to power-efficient BLDC motors as battery-powered appliances continue to cut the cord. The company's 36V, 500W BLDC reference design used in its vacuum cleaner demo will illustrate how energy-conscious motor control solutions and high-capacity batteries can drive high-power home appliances at one-third the power levels compared to AC motor-based designs (500W vs 1440W).

Renesas will also demonstrate motor control solutions for robotics applications that require BLDC motor control up to +/- 600mA of rated current with high-efficiency, speed, and precise monitoring control similar to a step motor.

Secure Cloud-Connectivity for Smart Meters Solution

As more devices become cloud-enabled, the flexibility to make secure wireless connections to the cloud becomes increasingly important. Renesas will demonstrate how to quickly, easily, and securely connect power meters wirelessly to a cloud service provider of choice with a small form-factor RL78/I1B MCU-based power meter board connected to the Renesas IoT Sandbox.

The Renesas power metering platform allows for both revenue- and non-revenue metering applications, including both ANSI and IEC revenue-metering form factors, as well as reduced foot-print non-revenue metering installs for HVAC, appliances, and other point-of-measurement applications.

GaN Power Supply for Small Satellite Mega-Constellations

Renesas will demonstrate its expanding radiation-hardened (rad-hard) GaN portfolio for the "New Space" industry. The company will show a 100V GaN half-bridge power stage reference design featuring a rad-hard, low-side GaN FET driver, 200V GaN FET, and rad-tolerant digital isolators.

A second demo will shows a 28V GaN flyback converter reference design featuring a rad-tolerant PWM controller and low-side GaN driver. Both designs are frequently used in satellite bus power conditioning & distribution systems, and for intermediate bus voltage regulation, as well as for power distribution systems in satellite payloads.

Multiphase PMIC Advantage for IoT Infrastructure, Industrial Control

The company will demonstrate a high performance and high-efficiency multiphase PMIC powering FPGA supply rails on a small footprint FPGA accelerator board. Renesas' multiphase PMIC achieves 94% peak efficiency in a 70mm2 solution size with ultra-fast single-cycle load transient response for a broad range of data center, industrial control, test equipment, and consumer applications.