Reducing UPS Footprint and Increasing Power Density

June 15, 2017 by Jeff Shepard

Vertiv introduced the high-efficiency Liebert® EXL S1, a large-scale uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system with a significantly smaller physical footprint and the industry's highest power density. The Liebert EXL S1 enables customers to optimize data center design space and allows for the deployment of additional revenue-generating equipment. The Liebert EXL S1 is a 60Hz, UL-listed UPS currently available in 1000-, 1100- and 1200-kVA/kW capacities, with 600-, 750- and 800-kW models following later this year.

“The Liebert EXL S1 reduces the unit’s footprint by employing system breakers rather than breakers within the module and incorporating a single input/output cabinet with top access to control wiring and communications inputs and outputs,” commented Peter Panfil, vice president, global power for Vertiv.

The Liebert EXL S1 is available in a distributed parallel configuration allowing users to parallel up to eight units for a total capacity of up to 9600kW. The system operates at 97 percent efficiency in double conversion mode and 99 percent in economization mode, and is compatible with lithium-ion batteries.

Configuring for single or dual input/output is made easy by a common source connection cabinet that includes well placed jumpers to enable either single or dual sources while minimizing space. Additionally, convenient and OSHA safety approved access is provided for control wiring and communication inputs and outputs at the top of the unit. Each of these features also enables easier, faster and less costly installation.

“By listening, discussing and responding to our customer requirements, Vertiv was able to develop a new entrant in the Liebert EXL family to meet the demanding needs of the modern data center market. The result is an industry-leading high power density that marries size, flexibility and efficiency to minimize stranded facility space,” said Panfil. “The Liebert EXL S1 delivers on reliability and agility with configurations that address the critical needs for cloud, colocation and progressive enterprise environments – where the emphasis is on capital efficiency and reducing operating costs while enabling rapid deployment.”

The Liebert EXL S1 is seismic certified (CBC, IBC 2015, ASCE 7-05) and has high-impedence DC ground fault detection for 2014 NEC compliance. It has a transformer-free, three-level IGBT on both the rectifier and inverter. The system’s dual simultaneous communications protocols provide compatibility with multiple data center infrastructure management, IT monitoring and building management systems.