RECOM Offers Free Medical Power Supplies in April 2020

April 07, 2020 by Paul Shepard

RECOM Power has issued the following statement: “Due to the COVID-19 crisis RECOM is experiencing an increased demand for our medical-grade dc-dc converters, and ac-dc power supplies. These modules range from 1W to 550W with 2xMOPP and have UL/IEC/EN60601 3rd Ed. Certification.

“We understand that speed is essential in the current crisis. Therefore, in an effort to provide access to our products as quickly as possible, we are offering free samples of our medical-grade converters to qualifying customers throughout the month of April.

“Should your specific sample not be available we will try our best to make it available asap. We offer free of charge samples to speed up your medical grade equipment designs. Free samples will be provided solely for OEM business customers and at our discretion. Qualified OEMs can place your request for up to three FREE Samples”

Some of the Medical-Grade Power Supplies offered by RECOM Include:

High-grade medical dc-dc converters

The REM3, REM6 and REM10 medical grade regulated dc-dc converters feature 250Vac working voltage, up to 5kVac/1 minute reinforced isolation and low 2µA leakage. An optional external control pin brings standby consumption down to only 12.5mW.

The reliable REM15-W, REM20-W and REM30-W series offer well balanced specifications for critical medical applications, while guaranteeing far-reaching compatibility with their extra-wide 4:1 input voltage range at compact case sizes of only 1.6”x1” and 2”x1”.

Cost-effective medical dc-dc converters

Due to the innovative design of the RxxPxx/R and RxxP2xx/R series we are also able to offer medical dc-dc converters with an extended reinforced isolation of up to 8kVdc suitable for high voltage applications.

The REM1, REM2, REM3.5E, REM5E and REM6E series feature reinforced 250Vac continuous working isolation with >8mm creepage/clearance providing 2 x MOPP. These converters offer all key features required for critical medical applications, while keeping the cost of these modular solutions down. They are available with pins as well as SMD.

Compact medical grade ac-dc power supplies

The RACM series are highly efficient 18W to 550W ac-dc power supplies with 2 x MOPP safety approval for mains-powered medical applications. These power supplies have a universal ac input voltage range, 4kVac isolation, low standby power consumption, active PFC (>0.95) and do not require a minimum load.