RECC Launches Reva Electric Vehicle in Monaco

April 04, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

Reva Electric Car Company Ltd. (RECC, Bangalore, India) announced the launch of India's first electric car, the Reva, in Monaco, located off the Mediterranean coast. The next-generation electric vehicle (EV) is a two-seat roadster with a range of 200 km per charge and a speed of 120 kmh. The car is fitted with a "wireless tablet," an embedded appliance that integrates into a high-resolution single touch-screen display system with dashboard functions such as speed, state-of-charge, range and critical sensor inputs.

"The new concept car has been developed to showcase Reva and India's expertise in developing future EV technologies as a long-term solution to global pollution and transportation problems," stated RECC Deputy Chairman Chetan Maini.

RECC is a joint venture between the Maini Group and AEV LLC (United States). Reva cars are available in India and marketed in Britain as G-Wiz. It is also being test-marketed in the United States, Malta, Japan, Sri Lanka, Cyprus, Norway and other European countries.