Raising Power Founded to Improve PV System Performance

October 15, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

Raising Power GmbH announced today that the newly-founded company will offer technical management solutions and services for all PV projects. Under the management of photovoltaics (PV) experts Michele Rascher and Dirk Stahf, the company, which boasts an existing portfolio of more than 500MWp of solar power, offers independent end-to-end technical operation management for PV systems of any size – residential to commercial to utility scale – in locations around the world. The company's suite of services also includes optimization (repowering) solutions for existing PV systems and will soon extend its reach to enhance the performance of other types of renewable energy solutions as well.

The team, supported by leading clean energy solutions provider Shunfeng International Clean Energy (SFCE), has vast resources rooted in deep expertise in remote monitoring and decades of professional experience in the technical operation and management of PV systems. Three major sites on three continents complemented by a strong partner network enable Raising Power to provide smooth operational efficiency for PV plants worldwide.

"The market's potential is ripe and burgeoning," said Dirk Stahf, managing director of Raising Power. "For years, customers and industry leaders alike believed that PV systems were completely maintenance-free, which is why even many plants today are still not monitored, PV systems are not optimized, and investors continue to lose money. Raising Power is committed to helping existing PV systems worldwide, 70 percent of which do not generate their maximum energy yields, to repower and optimize yields."

Raising Power leverages its service portfolio to address the needs of investors, PV plant builders and operators, vendors and end customers. Raising Power's solutions are tailor-made to meet clients' specific requirements and customers have the ability to choose a specific service module from the company's vast suite of solutions or opt for a complete all-inclusive service. As an OEM service provider, Raising Power also delivers comprehensive services on behalf of, and under the branding of, contracted technical operations-management companies or organizations.

"We are the customer's partner of choice for any range of issues that arise in PV technical operations management," remarked Michele Rascher, managing director of Raising Power. "In addition to our complete and broad service offering for ongoing plant operations, we also thoroughly analyze and evaluate systems to detect performance gaps and take swift measures to resolve such issues – and we do this regardless of the components used. This is a primary advantage for investors as it prevents any conflict of interest when responding to problems or outages and customers do not forfeit any warranty rights when making claims," added Rascher.

Akin to investors, end users, and plant builders, EPC and OEM providers also reap benefits from the Raising Power portfolio. Through Raising Power's solutions, providers can still offer all the services needed for technical operations management at an international level without the burden of to maintaining their own expertise and manpower.