Proton Energy Systems Announces UNIGEN Fuel Cell Development Program with Marconi

June 10, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Proton Energy Systems Inc. (Rocky Hill, CT) announced that it has entered into a joint development program with Marconi Corp. plc (UK). Under a memorandum of understanding, Proton and Marconi are jointly developing concepts, designs and products incorporating Proton's UNIGEN regenerative fuel cell technology for potential application to Marconi's product lines. Proton's 70 kWh UNIGEN system is the first such effort to evolve from the relationship between Marconi and Proton.

Proton Energy's Vice President of Business Development William Smith, commented, “Marconi's leadership in power systems for the telecommunications industry puts them in a great position to help Proton understand these very demanding customer requirements. Marconi will provide important access to these telecommunication markets.”

Walter (Chip) Schroeder, president and CEO of Proton Energy Systems added, "Marconi has been early to recognize the inherent advantage of our technology for power quality applications. Our systems have the functionality of traditional batteries and generating sets, but offer additional features of low noise, no combustion, non-toxicity and lower life-cycle cost."